Penis and Testicles. In comparison to olo, the penis is disproportionally larger, as if the nuts are the size of raisins or that dick is 25 inches long.
Boy: Dang girl, dont u wanna see my .l.?

Girl: I thought you had balls the size of grapefruits!!! NO FUCKING WAY!

Boy: My dick is 36" long.

#.i. #.l. #olo #penis and balls #8--
by .l. master March 29, 2006
Top Definition
The offensive non-verbal/ IM middle finger gesture 'Fuck you/Fuck off'
F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back).
#v #up yours #swivel on it #i124q #nokialand #brats #crystal palace #george w bush
by mohair August 06, 2007
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