its a cute little robott.
i likes it.

lacey; in wonderland,,._. is my myspace name
by laceyy October 28, 2007
A symbol used by numerous secret societies to indicate an unknown message whose cryptic meaning has never come to light. All attempts to discover its true meaning have met mysterious and sudden ends.

Known users include: The mafia, Al Capone, the Freemasons, Spongebob Squarepants, and Elvis Presley.
by Ender5623 January 31, 2013
A simplified version of the ಠ_ಠ emoticon, used as an "Are you serious?" face.
randomposter69: I tihnk tath oboma neds to maek rasism illegle

heilhitlersamabinbama: -._-.
by ProfessorXyris June 08, 2015
point blank period. used when a normal period or no period just isn't good enough.
person 1: I can count from 1-100
person 2:idgaf . _ .
by sonicsays January 14, 2011
The susface. First appeared on twitter behind the hashtag #sus. Used when someone tweets something that is suspect, gay, or fagatious
Guy1: Yo I love meat
Guy2: (._. )
by thetrumpetguy January 05, 2012
Basically means, in emotospeak, "O....kay." "O_o" can be used also.
Dude1: and then i fucked her cat!
Dude2: ._. right...
by Kurumi September 21, 2003
A smiley that shows a state of deep shock or suprise.
<Anonymous> hay guys remember those naked pics I had on my HD I was talking about?
<@Lain> Yeah, I hacked your system and posted them all over 4chan. Enjoy your aids.
<Anonymous> ._.
<Anonymous> I am going to kill you.
<+GhostFreeman> talk about ubermicro XD
by GhostFreeman February 26, 2005

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