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An emoticon that indicates depression or helplessness.
I'm so emo ._.
My life sucks ._.
by Lionhart September 19, 2005
An emoticon that most of the times is a synonym for Apathy
<Alpha> How are you feeling today?
<Beta> ._.
by X3msnake October 14, 2005
A smiley depicting sheepishness or belittled astonishment (hence the small eyes).
<gnuwtey> I just got invited to a private viewing of Transfomers 2!
<dernston> ._.
by Mr. Briggs July 21, 2009
An emoticon expressing apathy or "you just lost me".
XxXAttentionWhorexXx: LIKE OMG! justin just texted me he said he wants to go out!!11

TheDrunkFromOmiha: ._. Alrighty then...

Stormy: And then, I got too drunk and threw her dog out of the window! LOL

TheDrunkFromOmiha: ._. Whaaa?
by The Drunk from Omaha December 13, 2009
If epic was a face, ._. would be it.

._. could be used to replace any word in the English language.
It can be used as an insult, a compliment, a neutral comment, etc. The face has no nose because I'm stupid.
Your mom is so ._.
by JLes9000 May 16, 2010
Used to display utter confusion on something.
A: Why did he do that?
B: I dunno. ._. ?
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
An emoticon which has gained popularity by it's use on Twitter. It's the face of disappointment and generally says you have given up.
John: I lost 20lbs following this diet plan! How about you?

Eric: ...I've gained 15. (._. )
by Jenius1014 July 11, 2012
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