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Musical Group
-One of the greatests southern rock bands to come about. Such hits as "Rockin' into the night", "hold on loosely", "caught up in you", "wild eyed southern boys", etc.
Flourished mostly during the early 80's after the decline of Lynryd Skynyrd.
(Music) ...Usually it's too late when you realized what you had...(end music)

"Man .38 Special Kicks ASS."
by (2)Clint_Bowyer RULES!!! March 28, 2005
The most popular revolver cartridge in the world. Equivalent in power to a semi-auto's 9mm cartridge.
.38 Specials are called "38s" by gangsters who call 9mm lugers "9 millies" or pistols in general Glocks
by Qadir38snubimmacalllittlewayne January 10, 2013