Not sure how or why i stumbled across the mysterious . but im here so i shall make a definition.

. is a dot and this dot is all powerful in the world of literature. IT STOPS THE DREADED SENTENCE IN ITS PATH.
This sentence will end when ever the dot is summoned.
by Eckstahsee December 22, 2003
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Ends a fucking sentence
When you make a sentence, dont forget to stop it.
by fucktard^2 September 23, 2003
Once only used to end sentences, emo-pop culture and teenage angst are making the period the new cool way to emphasize (usually moody-ass) sarcasm, strictly through textual means.
Note: This does not apply to the practical and traditional use of the period, especially when capitalization and other punctuation exist within the text. That is grammatical correctiveness, and not just some damn way to express a total and annoying state of nonchalant moodiness.
See a Zumiez gift card or T shirt or sarcastic, delved-in-internet-culture friend for reference.
Person A: hey John, how have you been man?
Person B: im ok. i guess.
Person A: you sure? you don't sound so well..
Person B: are u done talking yet. kthx.

thx zumiez. way to fcking further teenage angst bullshit.
by Xiao Fang January 13, 2009
Used as a whole sentence in internet language it oftens means acknowledgement of what has been said but without enough commitment to reply with an actual message.
<UnnamedPlayer>: OWNAGE! I just finished my mid-term exams!
<p1m>: who cares?
<0wen>: .
<pirla>: .
by b4silio March 03, 2007
Stops a sentence.
When you make a sentence, stop it before it goes wild.

Stop your senteces the holy way, With
by Purplehaze412 March 13, 2009
An extremely small drawing of a penis.
Debbie: So what did it look like
Laura: .
Debbie: Wow, no wonder he drives a pick up truck.
by minkmcfeeget September 30, 2009
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