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A sarcastic way to say no. Simmilar to "yeah, right" or "Oh really?"

1. Guy 1: so did you do that thing you were supposed to do?
Guy 2: sauce.

2. Guy 1: You know, The Colts are probably going to win the Superbowl again this year.
Guy 2: um... sauce.

by Igor the Pimp October 28, 2007
5 64
what gay men say to their significant other after every remark on aspects of life.
yo dawg his ass was tight but ripped that shit up.....
by labron November 05, 2007
4 65
a word to emphasize the word before it. usually used after words gay(meaning bad) or awesome.
Dude, did you see that movie? It was soooo gaysauce
by Dictionary fiend June 10, 2007
10 72
A Suffix adding emphasis.
by Ne0rC October 10, 2004
109 171
The money shot at the end of a hentai or porn collection.
Taht is HAWT! Sauce plz. KTHXBAI.
by TGC October 15, 2006
29 95
when u ballin and u take a shot and it looks good u say "SAUCE"
(U cross someone up, then jump back and shoot a 3) u'd say "SAUCE"
by tha mac daddy June 25, 2003
23 96
a word used to describe a hott guy. formerly HOT SAUCE but shortened to sauce.

see also: saucy
-Damn did you see him?
-Yea, he some sauce!

-He is looking real saucy today!
by GLAM CAM August 22, 2007
12 89