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A private school in Washington DC that joins the ranks of other popular private schools such as Edmund Burke School, GDS, Maret, Stone Ridge, Georgetown Prep, Georgetown Visitation, Washington International School, and I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of others. NCS doesn't matter though, they are a bunch of stupid shmen who think they are all that because Mean Girls is made after their school.
Field used to be really cool, it used to be even better than Edmund Burke School. It used to be a really chill school that was filled back with lazy people that do nothing other than smoke pot and party alot (which is a good thing). Field students used to be allowed to do anything and would never get suspended for anything. Field was known for having students come to school high every day, leave campus and skip classes whenever, and the school used to never care because the teachers were all like fresh out of college and were really cool.
But now that reputation is under attack. Ever since FIeld moved to its new campus on Foxhall Road, and ever since Ms. Ely became old, senile and insane, and then Dale Johnson became principal; Field is no longer cool. Field is now starting to admit people that are really smart and nerdy, which is not what Field is about. Now students are getting expelled for some of the stupidest things, and we are just babied and treated like children and not allowed to do ANYTHING. Field is on a downward spiral and I would not recommend going there. I am currently a senior of the class of 2005 and I am a dying breed of cool Field kids. In a few years, there will be no cool druggies left at Field and it will turn into a total shit school.

Field, what happened to you...you used to be so cool. Luckily I am going off to college but I worry for the students who have to remain at Field for a while longer.

Go to Hell Field School Administration, you fucked everything up...thanks...dicks.
FIeld used to be cool..........now it sucks......plain and simple.

by Class of 2005 March 16, 2005

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The counterpart to Track, a sport prevalent in high schools. Often included in the term "Track and Field." Consists of events such as pole vault, high jump, long jump, shotput, and discus. The practice is a helluva lot easier than the running events, but players get about the same amount of credit. During meets, the "throwers, jumpers, and vaulters" can spend quality time checking out hot girls from other schools that are in running events.
-So do you play sports?
--Yeah, I do Track and Field.
-Oh really? I was on the track team in high school. What do you run?
--I run...shotput.
by Paultheman April 20, 2006
Any word or phrase can be used as a prefix for -field (Ex: gayfield, sharkfield, fuckfacemotherfuck'nfield, bellerfield, stonedfield). Usually a specific characteristic of a noun is used to make up a -field. One can use a physical feature, clothing, quote, action, nickname, etc to create a new -field. Originated in Cincinnati, OH when bellerfield said gayfield.
Dude drops his burrito all over the floor. Dude is Spillfield (Spill -field).
by TAPEONE April 08, 2006
an area for growin weed
what up bruv,come get stoned with me in my field
by mc flava 01 July 01, 2003
To handle or take care of
The lawyer fielded the press's questions skillfully, giving away no more information than he wanted to.
by Laur June 24, 2003
to respond; to give a skillfull or offhand answer to a question
Famous people always have to field some weird questions
by megamallo24 October 03, 2013
A large clearing or open space.
I ran around in the field.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
omg did u see that? woah so weird?
by mommatoe April 15, 2005