An suffix added to any base noun or verb which creates a new noun defined as an individual who is to some degree a user or perpetrator of the item or action.
alcoholic, smoke-aholic, rage-aholic

ex. flake + aholic = flake-aholic = an individual who is a severe flake
by Mr. Kept April 24, 2007
Top Definition
Stupid people add random works in front of this work to make a word that is supposed to mean that they are addicted to something.
Timmy: Man, I am such a workaholic

Steve: Yeah.... and I'm a punch people in the face for saying stupid shit-aholic, And an alcoholic. Good combination isn't it?
by Randomman October 14, 2007
A connecting word to show addiction to a certain hobby or thing.
Last Black Friday, we made John into an shopaholic.

Nerd³ had become the new simaholic!

There's is an achievement on Black Ops called 'Nintendoholic' (Not true).
by Andymius September 20, 2014
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