The face Ghasts have in Minecraft. Used to scare the shit out of Minecraft fans.
John: Omg! I have so much to tell you about this dirt house I made yesterday! I spent so much time-
Jake: -_-
by Foilmetalai April 07, 2013
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emoticon symboilizing a sigh, usually a sigh of disgust
Rob: dude i didn't know he was a team mate

Jake: ugh fucking moron we we're gona win -_-
by Rob McCool July 19, 2003
an annoyed face. often used against extremely noobish behavior
SPR192NUBfag: OMG u r sooo kewl
cooldude72: -_- you're a fag.
by the das October 25, 2004
referred to in online gaming as the Careface, commonly used to show no interest at all in whatever some1 is sayin
Player: YO i just pwned ur ass f00
Player has Left The Server
by Hoody,MANG November 10, 2005
It means annoyed or bored
1 person: hahahha you'r such a noob
me: ....-_-

2: So how are you?
m: bored outta my mind-_-
by darkprince13 November 22, 2006
annoyed and bored, sick of
1: we have finals tomorrow
2: i know -_-
by imsocoolyouknow May 30, 2010
A face; either meaning being bored or saying in a short way, Bleh or Meh (Meh as in nothing interesting not "Me)"
Person 1 : I LIKE PONEHS!!!!!!

Person 2: -_-
by Cool chiz February 15, 2010
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