Also known as ball bag, sack or the skin which contains your two vege (testicles). Man Chicken is the part of a man's tackle that looks like raw chicken skin.

Can be used as a comeback to "your mum" by saying "your mum's man chicken"
andy: work shy
murray: your mum's work shy
andy: your mum's man chicken is
by AndyBrum April 15, 2008
name given to the cylinder shaped object in the sexual region of the male form.
yummy down on this throbbing pole of hot man chicken.......mmmmm
by lewi p June 07, 2003
A guy's penis that a girl eats.
That girl ate my man chicken last night.
by El Fabio January 24, 2006
Something Frogger sucks, A lot.
<Tokusei> Frogger sucks Manchicken.
<Frogger> man chicken?
<Frogger> wtf is that
<Tokusei> YOU WORK IT OUT.
by Not Tokusei >__>' February 20, 2005
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