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name given to the cylinder shaped object in the sexual region of the male form.
yummy down on this throbbing pole of hot man chicken.......mmmmm
by lewi p June 07, 2003
17 22
Rock out with your man chicken out.
by Rayshall April 03, 2009
2 1
Also known as ball bag, sack or the skin which contains your two vege (testicles). Man Chicken is the part of a man's tackle that looks like raw chicken skin.

Can be used as a comeback to "your mum" by saying "your mum's man chicken"
andy: work shy
murray: your mum's work shy
andy: your mum's man chicken is
by AndyBrum April 15, 2008
5 9
A guy's penis that a girl eats.
That girl ate my man chicken last night.
by El Fabio January 24, 2006
18 26
Something Frogger sucks, A lot.
<Tokusei> Frogger sucks Manchicken.
<Frogger> man chicken?
<Frogger> wtf is that
<Tokusei> YOU WORK IT OUT.
by Not Tokusei >__>' February 20, 2005
3 13