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a short blonde girl who dyes her hair as much as a balding old man is a hoe bag bitch she tells secrest and shits on orphon puppies just for laughs she enjopys licking dog dicks on rainy after noons and sometimes (when lucky) gets a taste of her cousins! the whole family jumps in on ths! :)
you ARE a hoe bag bitch
by yo mam so fat.... January 14, 2009
Anyone who is of the slutty nature, and refuses to admit they've done wrong. They'll constantly bitch about you too their other friends, while you have to listen to her bitch about them. They are never happy, and nothing is ever as good as them. Vain, and critical. We have far to many Hoebag Bitches in this world.
Anna: OMG! Did you hear about Stacy what a SLUT.
Amy: I know right.
Anna: OMG. Stacy, did you hear about Amy, what a WHORE.
Stacy: I know right!
Amy: WTF. Anna you're such a Hoebag Bitch.
by Frizzaybyatch September 02, 2011

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