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Brearley school girls are intelligent, hardworking and usually sacrifice breakfast and sleep for that A on an essay or project. Although sometimes a bit disheveled on appearances, they clean up well as proven by the admission of one of their alumni into America's Next Top Model. The Chapin girls often boast that they are "hot" when compared to Brearley girls, but Brearley girls have the brains that ultimately matter most. Chapin girls marry doctors. Brearley girls become the doctors.
Kim Stolz, a Brearley graduate, made it onto America's Next Top Model. If Chapin girls think they're hot, why aren't they one the show? Wait, they're airheads, that's why.
by Tai Jin October 10, 2006
An all girls school on the Upper East Side known for having the most lesbians, hence the mascot: the brearley beavers. That's also the name of their newspaper.
Chapin girls marry doctors, Spence girls date married doctors, Brearley girls become gynaecologists.
by urbsdicks October 10, 2010
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