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a sign of annoyance or confusion in reference to somone saying somthing stupid or ignorant.
Da Hell is this fool talkin' about?
by TheOneInYaDreams July 10, 2003
Origin: United States, late 20th century.

Dahell. A two-syllable word expressing disgust and/or surprise. Sometimes said in conjunction with the word, "What."

Pronounced: "Duh-Hail."

Also see: Daphuck
Crazed Surburban Man: "I just raped and killed a dog!"
Animal Conservation Officer: "What dahell?"

Brigadier general: "Soldier, we have extended your deployment indefinitely."
Staff sergeant : "Dahell?"
by RoundenBrown October 10, 2015
1.when see or hear something weird
2.when you are confused
person: I ain't eatin yo ass no mo
you: da hell
person: boi i wearfgdhjgbgfdghhhv
you: da hell
by whatboi July 16, 2016
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