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So totally better than you and then some. The best of everything and everyone. So much better than you, your mom, and your dog. Better than 1337, more than 1337, overly 1337, so 1337 it's painful. The best of all and everything and you and your dog.

Contraction of über (also, though incorrectly, known as uber) and 1337.
That guy is über 1337; no one can beat him!
by Z October 03, 2004
Normally used in the video gaming culture, Uber-1337 means super cool or ultra elite.
Seen mostly in corrospondence with Halo 3
In halo 3 i pwn cuz i haz all teh uber-1337 skillz lololoollololol
by acklay101 August 15, 2008
A dialect of 1337 language. Uber 1337 differs to 1337 is that it uses as many symbols, ascii and numbers as possible to make a word, uber 1337 contains as few actual letters as possible.
1 4|\/| 50 |_|83|k 1337|)00|)!!!!!!11 - An Uber 1337 Dude
by Xavier-Marxel January 15, 2010
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