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A swedish version of saying lol. If you jump the keys to the right one notch you will get "öpö" instead of "lol", which happens quite often if you write fast and don't look at the keyboard.
The simple reason to use "öpö" with purpose is because lol just plainly sucks.
"i just got owned by that uber equipped rogue!"
by killmyheart May 19, 2006
86 31
A synonym for lol, widely spread in Strike Force gaming community
Some f00l: "Germans don't camp"
by Ronkka January 12, 2004
35 26
An acronym for 'Official pimpin' Originization'.

Used when joking about serious topics. Also used when there's an inside joke.

Usually at the end of a sentence that means no harm.

Can be used as an expression. Such as when one uses smiley faces.

Not to be taken seriously.
Example 1
Person 1: "That's pretty obvious."
Person 2: "Your mom is obvious. OpO"

Example 2
Guy: "That's one thing I don't like about you. You're tan."
Girl: "Is that a bad thing?"
Guy: "Yes. It means you've been out of the kitchen too much. OpO."
by DDDTROLL April 25, 2011
13 5
Acroym for "owned pwned owned". Used only for cases of extreme ownage, uber ownage, or utter ownage.
Give me a tissue, someone just jizzed on my face! (O.P.O.'d)
by ynezt January 19, 2006
2 6
A phrase used between friends to affirm mutual horniness.
"Oh man, I am so fuckin' horny"
by polophile February 19, 2005
1 12
Misspelling for lol. If you look at the keyboard, you will notice that the letters "ò" and "p" are near "l" and "o".

When it's used by purpose (and it's not a misspelling), I think it should mean "lol".
I use it in the meaning of "Oh, my god...".
<User1> 1 4M 4N H4X0R
<User1> 1 DESTR0Y Y0U 4LL
<User2> *òpò*
by manfroze August 31, 2004
13 26
A word meaning you swear, or you're not lying. If you are to lie to opo, you are banned.
"are you a virgin?"
"yes im a virgin"
by theliedetector July 20, 2009
2 19