AE, American Eagle, a chain of stores similar in fashion to A&F (Abercrombie & Fitch). Many "preps" shop at Ae's, choosing their fashion for its close proximity in style to that of A&F for a lot less money. Clothes at AE tend to be more conservative, choosing to cloth the individual rather than giving up a free peep show. Although conservative it remains fashionable amongst "preps". AE lacks a wide range of selection so many preps wear the same clothing items.
AE offers polos, khakis, skirts, bathing suits, and sheer logo tees.
by Guru of prepness March 30, 2005
Abbreviation for the "Action Express" round seen used so often in Dersert Eagle pistols. Comes in 7 round clips and is extremely powerful, capable of punching a hole through light tank armor and easily penetrating kevlar vests. If the bullet is hollow point, it will enter the target (i.e. a 55 gallon barrel), and leave a hole the size of a nickel, but upon exiting leave a hole the size of a soda can.
A Desert Eagle, equipped with .50 caliber AE rounds is quite possibly one of the most powerful guns ever made.
by stonebrain July 17, 2005
(acronym) American Eagle Outfitters. Saddam's chain store.
I got my new ghetto backpack full of anthrax at AE.
by D'emon November 13, 2002
short for american eagle, a chain clothing store. american eagle is often compared to abercrombie and fitch by selling more expensive clothes that are highly worn by preps everywhere. the clothes are cookie cutter and worn by everyone, very unoriginal. however, ae is more conservative and a little less price and less fashionable than abercrombie.
omg, american eagle is having a sale soon!
by allkat April 01, 2004
The bestsest cutest clothes ever *American*Eagle* wayyyyy *PREPPY* and *NOT* that *EXPENSIVE*
*that shirts from AE right?
*its way real cute!
-i kno right?
*how much was it?
-only like $35.
*thats totally cheap!!
by ESTUPiDA LOCA CHiCWiNDiAN* January 04, 2005
or "Ass End"
Check out that dude's AE. He's got one fine ass!
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
Used when the last letter of a word is 'a' which is going to be suffixed by 'ed' or any suffixes beginning with 'e'.
"I've karmæd you already, karma whore!"
by vanderplonk September 13, 2007

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