Top Definition
Being extraordinarily sexually interesting or exciting; radiating superior sexuality; ultra excitingly appealing
Jessica Alba is Übersexy.
by VikeBike April 27, 2010
übersexy, meaning ultimate sexy, sexy above all, sexiest, nothing sexier, etc.
1. She is übersexy!
2. Are you kidding me?! That girl is übersexy!
3. Olga is übersexy!
by Linda February 27, 2005
1. (adverb) The ultimate of sexy, drop-dead sexy, übersexy, sexy above all, sexiest, nothing sexier.

2. (noun) Marina Orlova, the HotForWords girl.
Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be ubersexy, but now he is goobersexy.
by Biff Skippy February 07, 2010
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