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A pedophile who has taken it to the "next level"

Lead singer of the Lostprophets Ian Watkins has pleaded guilty to attempted baby rape and producing child pornography. The Überpedo status wedges in between Superpedo and Jimmy Savile (Ascended Lord Omega Kiddyfiddler).

The Pedoladder is notched with differing levels of Innocence eating and along the way levels like Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris indicate the severity of the Tike Touching.

Like a caterpillar breaching the chrysalis, Watkins has emerged as an Überpedo.
"Ian Watkins pleads guilty to attempted baby rape"

"Today we ascend Master Ian Watkins to the dishonorable rank of Überpedo."
by Vince_mcflippers November 26, 2013
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