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A Danish high school where the rich youth of Denmark study.
The high school is located north of Copenhagen.
The favourite beverage of the school is 'pagne' (short form of champagne) and has to be Dom Perignon, Cristal, or another expensive brand.
A guy who doesn't wear a Ralph Lauren shirt to an Øregård party is an outsider.

Known for snobs, cocaine, high grades, and insane amount of iPhones and Macs.

Famous people who studied at Øregård: Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller.
Golddigger girl: Wow look at that car!
Friendzoned boy: Yeah it's William Damm's Bentley Continental which his father gave him after he totalled his Range Rover Sport.
(Same but now horny) golddigger girl: Damn. Where can I find him?
Friendzoned boy: He studies at Øregård.

At this point the girl is soaking wet.
by Student@Oregard July 02, 2013

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