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Eireann is the name of one of the most exquisite women I've ever had the pleasure and fortune of knowing. Intelligent, witty AND stunningly beautiful, if I may so observe. In addition to her absolute command of the spoken and written word, this gingered enchantress also possesses a highly refined taste in music, qualified by her love of the Ramones and Jacques Brel.
Eireann can make a cretin hop.
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by Une Nuit August 27, 2011
Éire is a gaelic word for peace, ann meaning merciful and gracious. The latter is ancient hebrew in origin. Together they create a word that quite literally means Ireland. Éire is also broken down by and angelican traslation to Erin, which is where the time honored Erin go Bragh comes from.
How about we go to Éireann for the summer?
#Éireann #heath #irish #gaelic #isle
by Heath Patric May 18, 2007
1.) Éireann is a female name of Irish Gaelic origin.

It comes from the root "Ériu," a major character in Irish mythology. The matron goddess daughter of Emmas and Tuatha Dé Danann, she and her two sisters all claimed Ireland as their own land.

This name is Proto-Indo-European, and Proto-Gaelic, and probably means can be traced to "abundance."

Éireann, parsed into a Gaelic translation, means "daughter of the Goddess of Ireland,"

2.) The name of the Irish Telecom company.

3.) The name of the Irish Senate, Seanad Éireann and House of Representatives. Dáil Éireann.

4.) Part of the name of many Irish companies and organizations.
"Bus Éireann provides bus services in Ireland with the exception of those operated entirely within the Dublin Region."

"Her name is Éireann."
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by indiegoddess February 05, 2010
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