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An upside-down question mark
¿ done by pressing alt+168
by Answer October 23, 2005
A symbol used in languages (ex. Spanish) that is used for...stating that there is a question comming up? To most people (including me) don't see any point to this character, actually, who ever came up with this is a douche.
¿What the hell is this fucking character for?¿?
by Eric Dowell April 02, 2009
When trying to portray confusion in written form, such as an email, a statement should not be followed by a standard question mark, but an inverted question mark expresses confusion towards the written statement.
Um, I tried to use my credit card and it failed¿
by AdventureChicken July 25, 2014
If you had a Mac, you could make this symbol by pressing 'Option + Shift + ?'
Mac User: Hey I learned Spanish! ¿Que?
Windoze User: How'd you do that symbol?
Mac User: ...
by Different World June 28, 2009
coolest question mark in the world. on a lap-top its Alt+/ of Alt+Shift+/
and on normal keyboards it's Alt+0191
Weaselboy13y: s^ homez¿
Da Matt Says:nm bitch...
by Weasel May 11, 2004
Upside down question mark.
alt + 0191
by PEECEE October 06, 2003
An upside down question mark. Done by pressing alt+0191, or alt+5544.
¿Como se dice en espanol?
by Infinyte September 10, 2004
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