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A symbol meaning "plus or minus" (or "give or take"), ± is used to denote the uncertainty in the value of a figure. It is primarily used in Physics experiments to account for any inaccuracy in the measuring/readings and any random errors that can occur which may affect the results obtained. However, it is also used in Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics and pretty much anything where numbers and/or experimentation are used.

The symbol can be typed on a keyboard by pressing alt+753
(1.65 ± 0.05)m

(500 ± 5)mg/dose C9H8O4 was administered to patient X

by Necroyeti April 26, 2007
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a plus sign with a line under it.
alt+753 a plus with a line inder it motherfucker
by whatthehellizgoinowwwan!! May 05, 2005
this is a symbol used in maths to mean plus or minus
x = ± 78²-y
(not actual equation)
by ±rich December 07, 2005

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