suspicion, distrust, reservation.
#pocky: i really like you cpt!
#cpt: ¬_¬
by Cpt Hans Kreuger August 29, 2003
Top Definition
sure... ¬_¬
by Anonymous April 24, 2003

An emoticon looking sideways with narrowed eyes. It expresses slight annoyance.
Lucy: Hey, have you gained weight or something??
Mary: ....¬_¬..Don't ask..
by Guchy August 09, 2006
A spinoff of the dodgy smily. (Usually showing sarcasm.)
I'm thirsty, where's the bleach? (¬_¬)
by June 30, 2006
The single greatest thing it is possible to do with a keyboard. Wonderfully insincere.
*Insert In-joke here*

by DR February 24, 2005
a face that people type either when people do sumthin:weird,retarted,etc....

Jackass:hey Who Farted?

Dude: ¬_¬

Dude:you did you fag
by Johnfru November 01, 2003
Shifty eyes.
"What are you plotting?"
"I suggest we bake a cake."
by Sabishii211 March 26, 2004
Generally depicting shifty eyes.
Created using the alt code: ALT+0172
Mainly used on IRC where uniform monospaced fonts make it apear best.
I'm going to go... place... ¬_¬
by NewName August 27, 2004
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