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Pronounced "pipe". In a UNIX shell, it is used to redirect the standard output (stdout) of a command to the standard input (stdin) of the next.

ALso, in C, C++ and others, it is the symbol for the logical expression 'or'.
$ ls | grep e
^^^ outputs all entries in current directory that have the letter 'e'. Takes output of 'ls' and supplies that as the pattern grep looks for.

this || that
^^^ literally resolves to "this or that"
by UmmAgummA July 11, 2005
It seems to be quickly replacing <3 on facebook. As in, Love, or more specifically In Love With.
I am totally | Lindsay Lohan, even though she's a filthy girl, I've got magnums.
by The_Pope_of_the_Universe May 12, 2007
Used for adding the most physiologically extreme emphasis to a sentence. It is many times more intense than an exclamation point. By adding this at the end of a sentence you are implying that you are exclaiming so intensely that you have destroyed your vocal chords. Two or more of these at the end of a sentence is unnecessary as that would mean you have destroyed two or more sets of vocal chords which is not possible.
I just won the lottery|

by defried January 21, 2012
an annoying key on the keyboard.
guy 1: |o|
guy 2: wait, how the hell did u do that wit ur Ls?????
by kcirzat February 23, 2010
horizontal line- has no real name, its used in h4xx0r talk for l or part a a letter like N
|\|(n), |337(leet), 1337(leet),
by n00by Mc n00b n00b April 01, 2005
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