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There are many kinds of UDU (Urban Dictionary User). Most are aged 10-15 and usually, they hate each other. There are:

10 year olds: Think they're hard because they discovered swears and CoD, like to boast about it and fail at pretending to be fifteen.

11 year olds: Think they're amazing because they aren't 10 anymore.

12 year olds: Boys are usually obsessed with DC and football and being popular. Girls are more into Jack Wills clothes and being 'random' but failing epically.

13 year olds: Think they're amazing because they are teenagers and think they can take the piss out of everyone younger than them.

14 year olds: Think they're the most superior, funny, witty, brilliant people ever. Girls try to be scene, and they try and act hard by having a go at people and judging them on whether they've hit puberty or not. Defines things to do with sex on here because they think they're hard. (13 year olds do this too, BTW)

15 year olds: Think they're superior to anyone younger than themselves. They talk about CoD and stuff like that. Complain about the 'younger generation'.

&this only refers to the people on here.
{Urban Dictionary User aged 10-15}

10YO: omg lyk hi guise im lyk 15 innit hahaha
11YO: omg shut up 10 year old im cooler than u

12YO: omg i need 2 be popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13YO: omg im a teenager that means im the gr8est ever shut up lil kidz lol
14YO: omg shut up little kidz omg i hate u all im so cooler than u and prettier lol i bet ur all sooo short and evryfin lol

15YO: omg ew little kidz ew ew i hate u alll!!!!!!!!!!!!111111one
by a 12 year old. February 04, 2012
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