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A HaloPC race clan who is at the front in brillance and innovation. Composed of many members who strengths are so balanced they can not be touched or waved. {RC} is hated and feared by some but none the less respected for their innovation and determination. The letters in their name stand for "Rogue Confederation", which in itself is what {RC} is. A band of loyal brothers/sisters working together as one unit to be the best at what we do in any situation. World Domination is the key in {RC}.

{RC} is also the only race clan bold enough to submit themselves to urban dicionary without thought. Anyone who follows would just be trying to keep up with {RC} standards.
player: {RC} members must hack. it's the only reason to explain why their so good.

random clan leader: we need to get our clan to {RC} standards if we want to be taken seriously.

example in game of actual text:
{RC} Bongo Joined
{RC}Nessa Joined
Player 1: Oh great!! Now were going to loose
Player 2: Who's {RC}?
{RC}Pepsi Joined
{RC} Bongo killed Player 1
{RC} Highway Joined
Player 1: Where did that come from?? o0
Player 2: Man these guys can race like crazy!!
{RC}Nessa killed Player 2
{RC} Highway killed Player 1
{RC}Pepsi: I got lead lap, watch the base INC
Player 1: This is too much, im out
Player 1 Quit
Player 2 Quit
by pepsi711 November 16, 2006
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