Sieg heil or heil Hitler, the so-called nazi salute.
Red: My team are going to win! Hail victory! \o
Blue: No, my team will win! Sieg heil! \o
#hitler #sieg heil #o/ #heil #victory
by Usse August 19, 2006
Top Definition
Wavin' man. Can be used to say hi or to get attention.
Bush: EY!
Blair: \o

Can also be mirrored, but the meaning is the same

Bush: EYEY!
Blair: o/
#wave #\o/ #waving #o/ #\o
by Jellies January 10, 2007
This is an emote of a guy with his hand raised in the air and his other hand behind his head, confused at what's going on.
That blonde girl in the back was \O? to the teacher the whole time...annoying but man she's damn hot though.
#emote #question #\o/ #smiley #confused
by AKewllName February 27, 2012
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