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\m/(>.<)\m/ is just a common smiley face, meaning 'rock on'
It is also to define the term hxc or hardcore.
Person one: Today I three flipped the nine.
Person two: \m/(>.<)\m/
by Michaela <3 November 04, 2007

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metal \m/ >_< \m/ \m/ >.< \m/ rock rocker
smiley symbolizing one who appreciates or is listening to rock music
\m/ (>.<) \m/ That song rocks!
by Richard Spitler September 23, 2007
the rock and roll symbol.
can also be shortened to: \m/
Person#1: OMG did you go to the concert?!?
Person#2: they were \m/>.<\m/ !!!!
Person#1: totally. lol
by Dijnne January 01, 2006