Commonly used to express "rock on" in text form
That concert last night was \m/
by schmidty42 June 16, 2009
A hand sign that is supposed to look like devil horns, and a generic symbol that means a combination of "heavy metal" and "good". Very similar to -I-
Bob: I just got the new Judas Priest album!
Joe: \m/
by Omniverse March 28, 2003
a textual representation of the "SWEET" sign, more commonly known as the rock on sign, and most often used in a sarcastic mocking manner.
by youmustbetheman April 05, 2011
rock n roll
instant message with fuckmyassholehard:
and jesuslovesthelittlechildren:

fuckmyassholehard: just got back from gangbangin a ton of little boys...

jesuslovesthelittlechildren: \m/
by thisissonotfunny September 02, 2009
The fist, given when something you feel rocks bigtime or you gonna make something happen.

PS - Usually denoted for the Devil's Horns, but looks more like The Fist
Ex 1
A: Shall we hit the stage?
B: Why not?
A & B: *Hit \m/ fists*

Ex 2
Mikael: I got the Corpse album
Oliver: Yeah... way to go brother \m/
by Ghat July 11, 2006
symbol for the term "metal up the ass". The term was first coined by metallica with they're t-shirt that had picture of a toilet seat and a hand sticking out with a dagger in its grip. If someones a badass banger than they would indeed have "metal up the ass"
Steve: dude, jimmy just dove off the stage and kicked some random fucker in the head!
Bob:Liek Z0mG!1! He's so HxC! He's definatly got metal up the ass "\m/"
by mike vlk September 13, 2006
shorter way to type vagina, \m/.
"you've got a nice \m/"
by haycay April 23, 2009
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