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An exotic man with a sexy accent who plays guitar and video games and can whisper sweet nothings into your ear in your language or his. Also a gamer, so totally laid back and fun. Does rage when computers are stupid (but who doesn't?).
Also another name for a manzana.
You see that man over there? He's a total Valdemar.
by JadeLady February 26, 2014
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a feeling of hypnosis or trance
Gazing into my lover's eyes left me with a feeling of valdemar.
by Jeff Tucker July 25, 2008
a valdemar- very confusable with voldemort- heavily linked to scandinavia and is mostly a fag but you get one or 2 straight ones. Probably drinks and smokes alot, a bit of a clown and has done alot of bullshit but apart from that he not to bad. Like other he is obseesed with sports.
Dude 1:So did u see the football match?
Dude 2:Yeah (looks behind him)oh shit its valdemar
by souldigamoleho March 31, 2009

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