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Obviously a fusion of the words Skank & Twat. the outcome overrides the use of both words when used singularly. Like a Skank, a Skanktwat is a woman who has high levels of trashiness, ugliness and nastiness but has the added value of this applying directly to her vagina. Usually a gaping, hatchet wound used by appointment by degenerates and very needy men.

Like a Twat, a Skanktwat is a person (usually female) who portrays a lack of common sense, intelligence and wit but has the added value of looking fucking nasty while showing their lack of simple human social interaction.
dude that chick you hooked up with the other night was a nasty skanktwat. after you passed out i fucked her and so did tom and jack and rodney and pete. the same time.
by jeph-jeph January 25, 2010
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