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1.italian derived word meaning cheap or stingy with money
2. slang term for homosexuals mainly towards the type of boots they wear
1. that tight ass is such a primavera
2. look at that guys boots, they have fringes on them, what a primavera
by jack dill December 28, 2008
Usually the last name of attractive, determined, energetic, successful people. Primaveras delve deep into sports and have a can-do attitude. Some may depict them as assholes or try hards, but most know that Primaveras are one of the most successful and attractive people in the universe.
Person 1: Did you see all of Nick's grades?

Person 2: Yeah, he's such a Primavera!

Person 1: I know right, and he's totally hot too.
by EatSleepRepeat June 03, 2016
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