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Software which has been modified to allow use without proper serial code, hardware key, or authorization. See: unlimited evaluation
Does anyone know of a krack for IPnetRouter 1.6.8 that will allow me to
by bkdouble October 05, 2006
9 0
Something extremely awsome and cool. Often foods and music are the main topics decribed by the word.
-"Yo what are you drinking"
-"Sprite son"
-"Shit is krack, right?"
by Irish4life March 20, 2007
20 13
crack with a k, crack and ketamine, krack and karrots the health crackheads diet,
pass the krizzak biatch and pass the muthafukin carrots 2 hoe
that krack last night made my cock dissapeer
by DaNnY SveN August 04, 2006
3 22