A mix of Goku and Owned.
KAMEHAMEHA!!11 ROFL jw0 g0t g0wned!111111111
by Marcus August 27, 2004
Top Definition
G]OWNED(v.), discovered in Menominie, Wisconsin:

To assert an ironic physical and/or psychological dominance over,
For one with seemingly inferior abilities—physical, mental or social—to assert dominance over another through physical or psychological means
Michael Jackson sure gowned Arnold Schwarzenegger in that arm wrestle.
by Added by Andrew, Defined by mjtran November 07, 2005
A word that refers to someone getting owned when playing an online shooter. It is used mostly by gamers to shorten the saying, "Get owned."
oh HEAD SHOT gowned fag fuck!!!
by Und3RC0v3r6r0th34 June 07, 2011
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