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a combination of the words 'fantastic' 'fabulous' and 'fucking'.
"Dude.. i had fanfuckingtabulous sex last night"
by Macy && Shelby December 27, 2008
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An expression used in exasperation; hence "fucking" interjected betwen "fan" and "tabulous". Fan-fucking-tabulous implicates mild irritation with whatever the explative was directed at.
"Oh, fan-fucking-tabulous. The car won't start." Or even, "Well this is just fan-fucking-tabulous. -Now- she tells me she's pregnant."
by Fynn May 16, 2006
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The ultimate expression of Joy and happiness. Fan'Fucking'Tabulous expresses all that is great and wonderful. A blend of Three of the best adjectives. Not to be confused with fantabulous which is the ultimate expression of sarcasm.
I had sex with the girl last night and it was Fan'fuckin'Tabulous.

I just got the most Fan'Fucking'Tabulous news ever.
by DannyMc93 September 23, 2009
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