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The opposite of a cock block
when that one person hanging around you and her helps you get laid
Bro #1: dude i'm totally gonna cock lock you, we're gonna get you laid

Bro #2: nice brah
by Commander Zander October 28, 2009
45 10
A male chastity device, such as the cb-2000.
The groom was doomed to frustration when his wife put him in a cocklock on their honeymoon.
by maestrogrande December 31, 2006
25 9
A chastity device for men.
I promised my chick I wouldn't have sex with any other women, and she bought me this cocklock.
by steve freund February 25, 2008
11 3
a term used to describe the pubic hair around male genetalia
did u see the ginger cock locks on that kid?
by Jim30265 August 14, 2007
3 0
A male or female who constantly stares at the groin region of all males who are within visual range.
You enter a bar with a friend you notice a particularly ugly woman staring at your package.You turn to your friend and say "Damn I wish that skank would quit getting cocklock on me"
by Maddoe September 25, 2004
10 8
Cock Locks are dreadlocks, however the key difference is that instead of using hair from the head, they are made using public hair on males. The combination of the public region ("cock") and the dreadlocks yields the final term, cock locks.
Damn, that male stripper has so much pubes he made cock locks!
by MasterD3b@tor August 04, 2008
2 1
The style of making dreadlockes out of your pubic hair.
Sebastian got bored with his pubic hair one day and instead of shaving them he turned them into cocklocks.
by sebastianoates January 11, 2009
0 0