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male ejaculation, the afterproduct of a sex act
Can I get a side of baby gravy with my manmeat?
by Charmeuse May 15, 2008
2 1
sperm man chowder
need a lil baby gravy for your chest potatos?
by mooseknuckles October 25, 2002
426 62
jism; sperm.
I ejaculated a quart and a half of baby gravy within the confines of her love canal.
by weave April 02, 2003
205 89
Semen. Can be used in conjuncture with 'super duper' to describe when girls gets pregnant even though the man is wearing a condom. Twice...
"Jesus Sean, you have got some super duper baby gravy."
"Don't I fucking know it."
by The Strut September 29, 2004
264 156
Semen, baby gravy consists of large amount of passion and vitamin E
Yo bitch, im gonna load you with ma' baby gravy
by Evanzles June 19, 2006
113 44
1. Semen, ejaculatory fluid.
"I gave her a big load of my baby gravy."
by Zhoom45 April 27, 2010
76 38
(n) reference to a man's ejaculation
I'd give her a squirt of baby gravy.
by farcle February 17, 2008
47 29
Male semen
I left my baby gravy all over her face
by Wise Man July 11, 2003
55 41