•An individual who trends to exceed the normal level of public "gayness"
tromo, see. Extreme gayness*
• Also refereed in pornographic films in which three homosexual men perform explicit sex scenes
tromorgy, see. Gay porn*
• The act of being 'really' damn gay for no apparent reason other then at,tention
tromosity see. Gay attention seekers*

• The study of really gay men
Tromology, see. Tromologist*, gay therapy*
Straight couple taking their afternoon stroll through the market...
Gay man-"oh my god world, I love penis in my mouth!!" (randomly)
Straight couple-"what a tromo!"
Nearby children-"daddy, whats a tromo?"
Father of nearby children-~smack!!!!!~
Tromosity* is bad america!
by Amor1 July 10, 2010
Top Definition
a cross between a troll and a homo. i.e. if you basically want to call someone a "gay troll" on a message board.
GTFO and quit being such a tromo.
by silencekid218 July 28, 2009
A lazy waster of a guy with poor to no personal hygiene. Also used to describe a time when lazyness/procrastination has bad consequences.
Tromo, Fancy an evening in the local pub?
I made a real Tromo of that assignment, I left it to the last minute and go no marks.
by Geoff Elbows McGraw January 02, 2006
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