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Member of the jpop band, Arashi. Rapper. Newscaster. Very smart. Afraid of heights. Known for his arm muscles.
Has starred in films such as honey and clover and Yatterman.
The boy that keeps me a fangirl, anytime. ♥
"ah, did you see Sakurai sho on tv the other day?"
"Yes. omg. Sho's arm muscles were so hot!!"
by myenglishfails January 09, 2009

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A member of popular Japanese boy-band Arashi, who is also the rapper in the band. Nicknamed "Keio Boy" for being the first graduate of an elite university (Keio University) in his talent agency, Johnny's Entertainment. He became a news caster on News ZERO in 2006. Also known for his nade-gata, meaning sloped shoulders.
Sakurai Sho is the hottest guy in Arashi.
by arashian January 04, 2012