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Best chocolatey and peanutbutter-cup ice cream in the world.
Get me a big bowl of Moose Tracks
by kabelly January 18, 2009
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( not to be confused with "moosing" written by will bowen november '04) its a sex move i thought of while looking at the moose track flavored ice cream. Its when a man is performing anal sex, causing the peanut butter cup(which is to defecate on the penis) then covers his balls in the feces, then presses his balls up and down the body resembling hooves.
he gave that ho some moose tracks.
by &h@vin46&2 December 15, 2014
When a man takes his ball sack, squeezes it so there is a part between the balls that looks like a moose foot. He then rubs his balls down his partner's ass crack, then presses it against his partner's back several times. Resembling moose tracks ice cream.
Dood...i made moose tracks on your mother's face last night.
by kevp123 October 28, 2006
A term used to describe a woman whos underwear (usually a thong) has slipped between her two pussy lips and is in plain sight.
Did you see that girl past out, she had a moosetrack going.
by duby5150 August 18, 2011
When you take a dump and you wipe seemingly forever, only to still have a mess.
I had the moose tracks so bad yesterday I went through 2 rolls of toilet paper and 16 flushes, and still had a mess.
by Sam Bob Sanders February 02, 2007
When a man's clothing is so tight that his testicles are clearly defined in his clothing. Thus, it causes what looks like moose tracks.
Man, look at him! his jeans are so tight that he's got moose tracks!
by Martineeeee August 04, 2008

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