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A style of dress and music, mostly. Alot of clothing articles that ussually have a slit that are laced back up. Many many stripes. (began wearing stribes far before the fad arrived) Listen to a wide variety of music including: techno, industrial, electro, synth pop, dark wave, new wave, early goth, and electronica. Most are very open minded and deep thinkers. Very artistic. Clothing styled after neo-gothic and abstract art. Many involved in theater arts.
question: "What the hell kinda stlyle is that?"
reply: "Elle Bee"
by enter mister November 14, 2006
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Tough and cocky on the outside but soft and sensitive on the inside; oxymoron. Queen of hearts of the drama scene. Step away but not off the curb.
"She tried to pull the "Elle Bee" on me but I just bought her some Chinese and put an end to that"
by Lola Chacha May 06, 2006
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