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Definatly by far the MOST delicious man alive=] Delicious Dave plays guitar for the most kick ass bands alive. Everyone wants a Delicious Dave.
Maria: Hey wheres delicious? That boy is finee
Alicia: I dont know buddie.. i think we should find him.
Maria: psht duh! who can live without a Delicious Dave?
ALicia: Im not sure
by delicious' hot friends January 23, 2009
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is an amazing guitarist.! :] is delicious, by far the most amazing in the band. EVERYBODY IS DEFINITLEY COMPARED TO DELICIOUS DAVE. but, in reality nobody could even come as #2.
at a concert
Ann: "Dude, Delicious Dave i want your kid!!"
Raquel: "Yea, man. Hes a lucky man ;]!"
by delicious' hot friends. February 03, 2009
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