The very popular, emo, scene smily known as =], turned around. It means to express happiness, and branch out from the crackhead n00b smily that looks like this: (:
Myspacer101: Hi!
Razorxxkissed: Heyy. =
Myspacer101: Neato smily emo boy!
Rasorxxkissed: Um yeah..
by Sk8rgirl March 21, 2008
Top Definition
[ =
A psychotic grin. Often indicates some level of danger to those around the user of this smiley.
Normal person: How are you?
Psycho: =
Normal person: *runs away*

Person A: I'm gonna kill you.
Person B: What? Haha, funny.
Person A: Yeah, haha =
Person B: Shit, you're serious?
by boo-changy April 07, 2010
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