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you have got to be kidding me.
how STUPID do you have to need a definition for a question mark?
by un-dumbassify yourself, please January 03, 2010

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A question mark. Usually placed at the end of interrogatory sentences. Occasionally placed above comical video game characters, such as soldiers in the Metal Gear video game franchise.
Gabe: "What's this... ?"
Perry: "It's a quenstion mark you idiot, now go back to grade school you shameless idiot."
by Jin Masashi May 25, 2005
The ultimate response to anything in text.
Person 1: Hello!
Person 2: ?
Person 1: Hi, I'm new here.
Person 2: ?
Person 1: What?
Person 2: ?
Person 1: Okay?
Person 2: ?
Person 1: ..........
Person 2: ?
Person 1: I don't understand.....
Person 2: ?

And so on....
by Footfungs May 06, 2010
Self explanatory. Your too much of a dumbass to know the answer to it.
A ? goes at the end of a ?
by 11BA07 December 15, 2007
A common use of Internet or AIM slang usually short for a given question(ex1), or a way to say "Please elaborate", a short version of "...?" (ex2).
Frank: Guess what?
Joe: ?
The '?' is used in the place of the work 'What' which would be the obvious responce.

Frank: So I finally talked to Jessica.
Joe: ?
Instead of saying "and?" Joe uses the "?" command.
by Woyna July 05, 2005
When sent in a text message, with no accompanying message, meaning that you are as ripe as pie for a booty call.
Amelia texted "?" to Shane. His response was instantaneous, "tell me when and where, i'll be there."
by Etak_soda December 06, 2011
Commonly used on instant messengers instead of an exlamation mark (!), because it apparantly looks cooler and fancier due to the curl at the top of it. It's actually just plain stupid, and it makes it look as if your asking a question all the time.
John: I'm going to rip your head off and decapitate you?
Joe: umm....
by Jajajajajadgdgd October 19, 2010