A symbol that is used at the end of a sentence
a question
by Private October 22, 2003
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you have got to be kidding me.
how STUPID do you have to need a definition for a question mark?
by un-dumbassify yourself, please January 03, 2010
A question mark. Usually placed at the end of interrogatory sentences. Occasionally placed above comical video game characters, such as soldiers in the Metal Gear video game franchise.
Gabe: "What's this... ?"
Perry: "It's a quenstion mark you idiot, now go back to grade school you shameless idiot."
by Jin Masashi May 25, 2005
The ultimate response to anything in text.
Person 1: Hello!
Person 2: ?
Person 1: Hi, I'm new here.
Person 2: ?
Person 1: What?
Person 2: ?
Person 1: Okay?
Person 2: ?
Person 1: ..........
Person 2: ?
Person 1: I don't understand.....
Person 2: ?

And so on....
by Footfungs May 06, 2010
Self explanatory. Your too much of a dumbass to know the answer to it.
A ? goes at the end of a ?
by 11BA07 December 15, 2007
A common use of Internet or AIM slang usually short for a given question(ex1), or a way to say "Please elaborate", a short version of "...?" (ex2).
Frank: Guess what?
Joe: ?
The '?' is used in the place of the work 'What' which would be the obvious responce.

Frank: So I finally talked to Jessica.
Joe: ?
Instead of saying "and?" Joe uses the "?" command.
by Woyna July 05, 2005
When sent in a text message, with no accompanying message, meaning that you are as ripe as pie for a booty call.
Amelia texted "?" to Shane. His response was instantaneous, "tell me when and where, i'll be there."
by Etak_soda December 06, 2011
Its a freakin' Question Mark. If you don't know what that is , go get a life.
Do you know what a Question Mark is ?
by A!R!S!H November 01, 2009
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