An annoying internet emoticon people use instead of stating how much of a dumbass they think you are, often stating how much of a hypocrite they are. Also used as <_<
"who cares >_>"
"whats a hippocrite >_>"
by Skelwor June 03, 2009
Top Definition
1. A sideway glare. Used with <_< depending on which direction.

2. Shifty look. It's similar to the look you get when you swipe something and are checking to see if no one saw you.
1. Person #1: Can I borrow your car?
Person #2: No. >_>
Person #1: What? Why not?
Person #2: Because you crashed it last time.

2. *swipes wallet* >_>...*runs*
by Pocky Stix December 12, 2005
An emoticon used on Message Boards indicating sarcasm or foolishness. Frequently used in conjunction with <_<
RandomUser101: omg liek iz aye smrt??
CynicalSarcasmo: Yes, very.
by Kikk0man July 24, 2005
an emoticon; eyes looking to the side in shame, embarrassment, or is disturbed.
Person 1: I just ate 13 pizzas!
Person 2: >_>

Person 1: Did I really just email my boss saying I made out with his wife? >_>
Person 2: Yes...

Person 2: >_>
by DaSazonator February 16, 2009
1. A sideways glare, usually in annoyance

2. A look of scorn, hatred, or annoyance.
Dude can I borrow $50?
What, so you can rip me off, again? >_>
by Seymour Guado November 27, 2014
What users have to use in place of >_< or <_< on sites with really crummy filters that perceive said smilies as HTML errors.
User #1: I wish this site had better filtering. >_>
User #2: yeah >_____> i hear ya
by DarkBass September 20, 2008
Normally, used when there is nothing left to say. Also, it can mean something dirty.
AidenRox: >_>
James: ... What? o_o
AidenRox: I just had sex with your mom.
AidenRox: >_>
James: WTF?!
by Omfg Kthnx. June 25, 2006
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