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Face of a slight disappointment. Similar to =/ and =|
Meh, what can I do =T
by Nicolas Maia September 20, 2007
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Universal gay symbol for let me suck your d@*k.
Chico- hey its been a long time...i dunno if u remember me but we went to tech togetha...hows college...?..u think we shuld chill?
Victimizer- heyy
yea, it's been ages....still remember you though....i remember everyone from tech lol
we had technical drawing, i think.....way back in freshman year o.o
college is
haha that's a random question....kinda like asking me to chill...but not totally or directly.....but if you want to chill, i'd be kewl with that....just let me know when =T
by mstapmp26 February 03, 2008

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