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=3 is a text smiley often showing cuteness or affection.
Aww =3 Thankies, I needed a hug.
by Jeshua May 30, 2005
A popular emoticon used mostly (though not exclusively) by the furry community. The '3' half of the icon represents a mammal's muzzle, albeit a rather engorged one.
A: Mrrr.. =3
B: *hugs*
by The Urban Scribe August 03, 2005
It depends on the way you watch it. One of the way shows a cute little kitten like face, which represents happiness or some other positive shit. The other one, clearly, stands for a straight ball-seperated dick.
A: How do you feel about me?
B: =3
by La cool midget July 10, 2010
ASCII Kitty. Commanaly used near other terms such as ^^ and ^_^
<person a> =3 mew!
<person b> ^^
by Snarfywarning February 24, 2005
When viewed sideways, it appears to be a dick.
Hey, blow me dude =3
by kenny667 December 12, 2009
A show that reviews viral videos and commonly makes offensive jokes(Asian drivers, soviet Russia, Trolling). And is run by a man named Ray William Johnson. Who has made huge success with this show even though he has mentioned stopping it. And is host to the famous "comment question of the day."
*From =3 episode "Devil Bird"
*Kid hits other kid in the face with a volleyball*
Ray: Oh my god! did he just pwn Justin Bieber?!
by Gutsydude May 22, 2010
A face with a Peter Griffin-like chin.
guy1: hey that Peter guy from "Family Guy" is so funny!
guy2: =)3
by SilentIvo October 23, 2007
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