A common typo people make in place of pushing the "Backspace" key
r=this was not a real typo
#common #typo #= #equals #sign
by Buggy424 October 27, 2008
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IS, as in complete metamorphosis, total transformation or embodiment between two subjects or a subject and a descriptor or idea.
Clapton = God
#equals #equivalent of #leet slang #iz #becomes
by bakatbakastakat.cz July 11, 2009
= Is just the Math-related symbol meaning equals/equal, which can be found at the end of a Math problem.
Example 1: 3x3 = 9, 2x5 = 10 etc.

Or, some people may use it like this...

Example 2:

Pete: Dude, I totally = Ryan.
(Pete means he is just like Ryan)


Joe: Me and my girlfriend = love. (or Me + my gf = love)
(Joe means that he and his girlfriend are in love, love each other etc.)
#equal #equals #math #math problem #problem
by Pete Wentz's Girlfriend ¢¾ June 26, 2007
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